Thierry Gnych

Cognitive computing is disrupting the future of travel for the better. IBM Cognitive Business Solutions extend the exclusive cognitive leadership of IBM Watson and the company’s established market leadership in business analytics. Data has become the new natural resource but there is too much data coming in too fast for any human to understand and act on it. Furthermore this data comes in all types and formats (e.g. text, image, video, sound, speech, sensors etc.).

The world is now running more and more on data. Traditional systems and databases are inadequate. This is where Cognitive comes to play by contributing four key capabilities making it possible to leverage all this data: natural language interactions, understanding, reasoning and learning. The presentation will define cognitive computing, and clarify how cognitive computing and analytics make an impact on the Travel and Tourism industry. Examples will illustrate how cognitive innovators have seen business benefits like customer satisfaction enhancement, revenue growth or lower cost of customer acquisition and retention. While differentiating and innovating in the market place. The presentation will conclude suggesting ways to quickly and concretely initiate cognitive projects, and fast expanding them.

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