Payment & vat

All conference fees are stated without VAT, please note:
In accordance with Swedish Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements, any company or organization from a country outside Sweden with a registered VAT number (or equivalent tax registration number for companies outside of the EU) is NOT required to pay Swedish VAT for registration fee attending the ENTER conference in Sweden. That is, for you who are affiliated with a university or research institution/association, or representing a company, the above stated conference fees apply as they are on providing the VAT number of your organization.

Delegates from Sweden are required to pay 25% VAT (regular Swedish VAT-refunding). Private persons are also required to pay 25% VAT on conference fees.

Additional information:

  • Please have your VAT/tax registration number ready before you start the registration process
  • Payment can be made by the following methods:
    • Creditcard–Visa, MasterCard or American Express
    • Invoice -Only possible for Swedish companies/organizations with a valid Swedish VAT number (