Irene Ng

Professor Irene Ng; keynote speaker at ENTER2018

Professor Irene Ng is an academic and entrepreneur. She is currently the Director of Institute for Product and Service Innovation and the Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick. She is also the Chairman of the Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) Foundation Group and the inventor of the HAT, a private data exchange platform on the Internet.

Professor Ng is an advisor to several large organisations, startups and governments on design of markets, economic and business models. She is one of the ESRC/Innovate UK Caucus Thought Leaders the ESRC/AIM Services Fellow and the ESRC/NIHR Fellow. She has written 3 books, published in top journals, written in highly acclaimed scientific magazines and blogs, and well known for her academic papers that have steered the discipline of marketing, service operations and its roles in the digital economy and the Internet of Things. As a scientist and a social scientist, she holds a grant portfolio in access of £10m. Her personal website is at

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