Katarina Graffman

It’s time to put the human being in the spotlight

Many talk about putting the human being in the center of attention, although few know what that really means. Katarina Graffman is one of them. Since anthropological studies not only display opinions and thoughts about behavior but rather the behavior itself, as well as subconscious actions and deeply rooted values, it’s possible to develop products, services or experiences on a profound level from an anthropological perspective.

Katarina Graffman has a PhD in anthropology and is a pioneer in applied anthropology in Sweden. The tools of the subject are simple but are practiced in a complex context. Katarina has worked with clients like IKEA, Skanska, White Arkitekter, SigtunaHem, Destination Sigtuna and the Ludvika municipality to help them to develop urban environments, accommodation and branding.

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