Focus Scandinavia 24-25 januari

Välkommen till Focus Scandinavia – ett betydelsefullt utvecklingsevent för resenäringen, som är en del av ENTER2018 eTourism Conference och stöds av Tillväxtverket. Här samlas världens främsta forskare och experter inom digitalisering och turism på en unik plattform.

Focus Scandinavia bjuder in dig till en unik möjlighet att nätverka och få kontakt med människor inom industrin, akademin och den offentliga sektorn. Möt människor från över 40 länder med värdefull kunskap och internationella kontaktnät.

Det här får du som deltagare

  • Inspiration och insikter från några av världens främsta forskare och experter inom IT & turism.
  • En överblick av de viktigaste digitala trenderna inom besöksnäring just nu. Via föreläsningar, paneldebatter och workshops får du tillgång till forskning, innovationer och den digitala världen – utifrån ett helt nytt perspektiv.
  • Från onsdag lunch 24/1 till avslutningen efter torsdag lunch 25/1: Mat, dryck, sötsaker, skratt och fest där du samtidigt kan nätverka med allt från utvecklingschefer i branschen till PhD studenter  =  win-win!
  • Välkomstmottagning onsdag kväll 24/1 på Kulturhuset Spira med ytterligare nätverksmöjligheter.

Plats: Elmia Kongress Center, Jönköping
Datum: 24 – 25 januari 2018
Pris: 400 €

(I priset ingår lunch onsdag och torsdag, fika och förfriskningar under hela konferensen samt Welcome Reception på Spira onsdag kväll)  

Här hittar du programmet för Focus Scandinavia 

Focus Scandinavia 24th -25th January 2018

Prominent researchers, strategists and developers within IT & tourism from all over the world will gather at ENTER2018 in Jönköping. The conference is supported by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

During the conference ENTER2018, a special track will be created for us representatives of the Scandinavian hospitality sector, both in private and public missions: Focus Scandinavia. With that in place, the conference will facilitate one of the most important meeting places for the Swedish and Scandinavian hospitality industry in 2018!

At Focus Scandinavia, we talk less about destinations and more about experiences. And more about how people search, find and share their experiences than about actual booking systems. Digitalization has for a long time been a driving element of our industry, but how do we make sure we use its full potential and do not only focus on the threats? How can we use key elements in games to create engagement? How do we handle innovations like virtual and augmented reality? How can we collaborate with those who drive development rather than follow it?

The big questions for the whole industry will be raised: how digitalization affects our businesses and which are the necessary actions for us to plan and carry out in order to keep pace with – and lead the development.

Focus Scandinavia will give space for different formats suitable to meet all participants’ needs: world-class keynotes and presentations from outstanding practitioners, challenging panel debates and hands-on lectures about how to implement new technology, methods and strategies in real businesses. There will be excellent opportunities for networking and b2b meetings during the breaks and at the joint Welcome Reception together with IT & tourism experts from over 40 countries. Companies and public organizations can even let students from Jönköping University develop and pitch solutions on given challenges during the conference.

Focus Scandinavia will highlight specific Scandinavian cases but is interconnected with the ENTER2018 conference regarding both program and delegates. The conference will be held in English.

Place: Elmia Congress Center, Jönköping
Date: 24th – 25th January 2018
Conference fee: 400 €

What you will get as a participant:

  • Inspiration and insights from some of the world’s leading researchers and experts within IT & tourism.
  • An overview of the most important digital trends in the hospitality sector right now. Through seminars, panel debates and workshops, you will get access to research, innovations and the digital world – from a brand new perspective.
  • From Wednesday lunch 24/1 to the conference closing after Thursday lunch 25/1: Food, beverages, sweets, laughter and festivities where you at the same time can network with everyone from Directors of Development in the industry to PhD students = win-win!
  • Welcome reception Wednesday evening 24/1 at Spira Culture Hall with further networking opportunities.


New information about the schedule, speakers and social events will be published here and on the Focus Scandinavia Facebook page regularly. For information about registration please click here. Please find out about the ENTER2018 program, accommodation and more here.