ENTER 2018

We take our sustainable performance seriously and aim to achieve an Environmental Event Certificate issued by Svensk Miljöbas for the organizing and implementation of ENTER 2018. Read more about Svensk Miljöbas here.

We are fully aware of the fact that a conference of this size affects the environment due to the number of people participating, the travel, food and waste etc. In order to achieve the Environmental Event Certification, we plan to take around 50 actions to reduce negative impact on the environment. These actions are among others; not produce unnecessary conference material and products and if so choose environmentally friendly and socially friendly products, provide healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in certified and central locations and/ or in locations easily reached by public transportation.

The city

Jönköping is rich in natural scenery and resources. Lake Vättern is a pure clear water lake, located in the city center. This is Europe’s fifth largest lake, included in the EU network nature of protection, Natura 2000 and this is from where we receive our daily drinking water. The area Östra Vätterbranterna was named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2012. We are proud to have this model landscape for the coexistence of man and environment, reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. The city, together with a large number of private companies, public agencies, nonprofit organisations and Jönköping University, plays an active part in the regional Climate Council. Our goal is set to produce more renewable energy than we consume by the year 2050.

Jönköping has a long history as a meeting destination for both national and international congresses and exhibitions. A few examples are the world’s largest forestry fair Elmia Wood and DreamHack, the largest computer festival in the world. Jönköping is part of the Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index which compares cities to determine how well they meet a long list of sustainability criteria in different categories. The GDS-index was created to help Destinations, Convention Bureaus, Event Planners and Suppliers drive the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in their city and in the global events industry. Read more about Jönköping as a meeting destination here.

The venue – Elmia

For ENTER2018 we have chosen a venue where sustainability is high on the agenda. Elmia Congress Center is a modern and fully equipped venue with a sustainability certification according to Svensk Miljöbas. Read more about Elmia as a meeting venue and their work on sustainability here.

The future

We hope and think that the sustainability certification of ENTER 2018 will inspire to a sustainable focus on organizing this event in the future as well. We also hope our sustainable focus on this will inspire you to participate in a climate-friendly way.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the sustainability work for the conference you are most welcome to contact us: