Focus Scandinavia 24-25 January

Seizing the opportunity of having gathered in Jönköping leading researchers and practitioners in e-tourism from all over the world, the conference will facilitate one of the most important meeting places for the Swedish and Scandinavian hospitality industry in 2018.

How can companies and brands capitalize on the digital transformation of travelers’ habits? What are the strategies for cities to keep on track with the development? Which alliances are needed to guarantee further access to competence and business?

These are some of the questions which will be worked on during the Focus Scandinavia track of ENTER2018 in keynote lectures, workshops, and even arranged personal meetings between academia and industry. Students and young professionals from the start up scene will be available for companies and institutions to tackle current challenges and work further on innovative solutions possibly even after the conference. IT Companies, startup accelerators or crowdfunding platforms can’t miss this chance to meet new talents with innovative entrepreneurial ideas or projects in the field of the Digital Tourism.